Former Doctor of Micheal Jackson Regrets Not Testifying

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former physician, now regrets not testifying at the trial last year. Dr. Murray began working for Jackson in 2009 as his personal physician and was ultimately found guilty by the jury of involuntary manslaughter at.

He is now serving a four year term in jail for the death of Michael Jackson.

Defense lawyers argued the innocence of Dr. Murray in criminal negligence, but Murray made the decision no to testify his own defense and now regrets it.

His lawyers stated that his refusal to testify was the greatest mistake in the trial. Murray was the only one with Jackson the last few hours of his life and the only one who could fully explain the gaps of the story.

“Murray now realizes that he should have testified,” Flanagan said, adding that there were various nuances in the case that Murray alone, as the only person who was with Jackson in the last hours of his life, could adequately explain to the jury.

“Now he says that the biggest mistake he made in the trial of the case was not testifying,” Flanagan said. “We had so many gaps in the case that needed to be filled, that could only be supplied by Dr. Murray.”

Michael Jackson's Convicted Doctor Wishes He Testified At Trial

Michael Jackson’s Convicted Doctor Wishes He Testified At Trial