B.J. Novak, who plays the character ‘Ryan’ on the television hit show The Office, has stated he needs a break. Novak has claimed that he is not leaving the show entirely but he wants to cut back on his hours.

Many speculate that the reason for Novak cutting back hours has to do with Mindy Kaling leaving the show. With Kaling leaving the show, and Steve Carell already gone, does this mean bad news for The Office? Many fans have agreed that the show might be on it’s last stretch and the show might be coming to it’s final end.

Smaller characters have left The Office over the years, but the largest shake-up probably happened two seasons ago when Steve Carell’s Michael Scott moved away. More recently, writer and actress Mindy Kaling announced she was moving on to helm new program The Mindy Project at Fox and now it turns out her buddy B.J. Novak is moving away from the comedy, too.

B.J. Novak Leaving The Office?