Barry Becher one of the stars of the Ginsu knife informercials has died at the age of 71. Although his name may not be at the front of any conversations, he can be well remembered from his expertise of slicing a metal can in half.

He had been suffering from kidney cancer and passed away late last week. He had surgery complications that he wasn’t able to overcome. Becher with his partner Ed Valenti could easily be donned the Kings of infomercials. Although the Ginsu kinfe is the most famous, they had many unique product offerings.

Mr. Becher “was always the sharpest guy in the room, no pun intended,” Mr. Valenti said. “We had a 30-year relationship that I jokingly say was a cut above. …I miss him dearly, and I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, and my heart is aching from him not being here anymore.”

Becher was laid to rest on Monday, June 25.

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