Barry Becher died Friday at the age of 71. Becher is best known for his infomercials selling Ginsu Knives, the kitchen tool that sliced through anything from tin cans to chopped wood. As Bechers commercials always promised, “Wait, there’s more!”

Becher also made products like the Armourcote Cookware, the Miracle Slicer, and a wide range of other products well known, by pitching them on his commercials with his business partner Ed Valenti. Valenti & Becher later shifted business to become a well known media buying firm, called PriMedia.

“We tried to find the most unique products in the world,” Valenti said.

“We wanted to sell products and we were having a great time. We didn’t realize at that time we were changing history,” he said.

Becher was suffering from kidney cancer and died as a result of complications from surgery.

Barry Becher Dies (UPDATE)