Max George’s Girlfriend Jealous He Kissed JLo

Max George of The Wanted reported that the kiss between him and Jennifer Lopez has made his girlfriend Michelle Keegan jealous.

Surprisingly Keegan was stated to have said that she was not jealous at the fact her boyfriend received a kiss, but rather was resentful because she has had a longtime crush on JLO wanted to kiss herself.

Max said: “My girlfriend was jealous but not because I was with J-Lo in that way. It’s because she wasn’t with J-Lo. She has a massive crush on her.

“If she met J-Lo it would be me keeping an eye on them two. Saying that, I wouldn’t mind watching – it would be great.”

Max George and his bandmates Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, and Siva Kaneswaran performed on American Idol back in April, where they met the Jennifer Lopez along with the other Idol judges.

It was while the widely spreading band was performing that Max George delivered the plump kiss to JLO’s cheek.

Max: "Keegan jealous of my J-Lo kiss"

Max: “Keegan jealous of my J-Lo kiss”