Bristol Palin Sued Again

These days Bristol Palin is having more legal troubles than Lindsey Lohan.

Palin’s floundering reality television show on Lifetime has been cancelled do to bad ratings.

Now, the daughter of controversial politician Sarah Palin has just been sued, again.

This time it is for airing footage of a bar room fight she had with a patron by the name of Stephen Hanks.

Hanks claims she used the footage without his permission. The plaintiff wants $75k for damages done to his character after the argument he started with Bristol at the Saddle Ranch Chop House last year. He also named Lifetime in his lawsuit.

Hanks, a talent manager, adds in the suit that because of Palin’s “deliberate, malicious and despicable” actions, he has “suffered harm to his profession and occupation and expended money as a result of the statements.”

Recently she was sued by someone who was actually upset they were cut out of her reality show.

Go figure.

With her unpopularity maybe Bristol should give up her pursuit of 15 minutes of fame for a quieter life off camera.

Bristol Palin Sued By Talent Agent After Bar Scuffle

Bristol Palin Sued By Talent Agent After Bar Scuffle