Katie Holmes Hires High-End Pit Bull Attorney for Divorce

Actress Katie Holmes has a tough uphill battle in her divorce from fellow actor Tom Cruise.

The 33 year old actress will have to navigate through pre-nuptial agreements if she wants a piece of Cruise’s vast personal wealth and will have to score a virtual knock-out in a divorce trial if she’s be granted sole custody of their daughter Suri; Cruise is said to love his daughter and be very devoted to her.

It’s been announced that Holmes has hired New York attorney Allan E. Mayefsky, long known for winning just such divorces in the circles of the rich & powerful.

The Daily Beast spoke to a woman whose ex-husband was represented one of Holmes’ attorneys, Allan E. Mayefsky: “[Katie] needs cutthroat lawyers because Tom is really powerful. The dirtier the better, so I think she made a good choice. They are known for being ruthless, and they normally win. They beat the **** out of me. They make you out to be the biggest piece of trash there is. It took me a long time to get over it… [Katie] has really good, nasty, horrible lawyers and she should do really well. They must be having multiple orgasms knowing they have Katie Holmes. They love the press and publicity. It is big excitement for them.”

As each day passes, the details of the divorce emerge and one thing is for certain, the petite actress with the girl-next-door face is playing for keeps in this divorce.

Allan Mayefsky Hired As Katie Holmes' High-Powered Lawyer

Allan Mayefsky Hired As Katie Holmes’ High-Powered Lawyer