Justin Timberlake Pops Question to Biel with Engagement Ring He Designed

Justin Timberlake has taken a tip from many other upcoming famous grooms-to-be by designing the engagement ring for his steady girlfriend Jessica Biel.

Timberlake decided to bypass the suggestions offered by Biel’s stylist regarding the ring and wanted it to be a jewelry creation totally showcasing his ideas.

“Jessica’s stylist really wanted Justin to come to her when picking out and designing the ring,” the source reveals to Us. “She obviously knows what looks best on Jessica, and what type of things she likes to wear. They talked about it [in advance] and then Justin completely went rogue without telling Jessica’s stylist, and decided to design the ring on his own.”

The “out of the ordinary” ring he fashioned features a massive diamond at the centerpiece and Biel reportedly said yes to wearing it and accepting his marriage proprosal during a romantic weekend together.

Rumors abound that Biel’s stylist feels slighted that she wasn’t consulted about the ring, but Timberlake and Biel are planning summer nuptuals, allegedly in Paris.

Justin Timberlake Designed Jessica Biel's Engagement Ring To Be "Out Of The Ordinary"

Justin Timberlake Designed Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring To Be “Out Of The Ordinary”