Halle Berry Engagement Ring Designed by Fiance Martinez

Credit for the elaborate design that created Halle Berry’s stunning engagement ring goes to her fiance Olivier Martinez, who said it was his intention to fashion “the most beautiful ring ever made” for his bride to be.

Martinez selected an emerald with perfect color to accompany several diamonds on the custom-designed engagement ring.

Then he met with master jeweler Robert Mazlo, who asked Martinez five specific questions about Berry’s likes and dislikes.

The ring contains special symbols that have unique meaning to Berry and Martinez and can only be decoded by the couple.

The ring “a one-of-a-kind piece and cannot be replaced,” the jeweler tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Martinez admits that money was no object in designing the ring, said to have cost five figures.

Olivier Martinez Designed Halle Berry's Engagement Ring: "Most Beautiful Ring Ever"

Olivier Martinez Designed Halle Berry’s Engagement Ring: “Most Beautiful Ring Ever”