According to Taylor Kitscho, having a sex secene with Blake Lively aint all it’s cracked to be.

Kitsch, 31, says he was “relieved” to have his sex scenes completed in the new flick ‘The Savages.’

The movie features a love triangle between O, (Blake Lively’s character), Chon (Taylor) and Ben (Aaron Johnson).

Collider reported Taylor as saying: “We had two weeks rehearsal, so we talked about it (with director Oliver Stone) until we were about to pass out.

“I think I had known Blake for three or four days, before we shot (those scenes).
“That was the first week of shooting. It was just about trusting Blake and Oliver, like you do on any set.

“I was just glad it was over with, to be honest,” the Canadian star added. “It’s very awkward to do. It’s such a big part of Chon and who he is… It’s all part of it, but I was glad it was in the first week.”

Lively, who is dating fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, said the sex scenes just plain awkward.

“It’s really not as exciting as it looks on screen. You go onto set, there’s all these crew members and then there’s like these naked men walking around,” Lively told and other outlets at the movie’s recent premiere, when asked about filming her sex scenes. “It just makes for an awkward environment.”

Lively said she and he co-stars found it challenging to understand “how three people can be in love.”

“I think that what we finally learned after hours of trying to learn how to explain it is that you can’t explain it – you just need to see it,” she told “And how do you see it? These three people love each other but why do they need each other? Because they never had that love from anyone else.”

“They’re each other’s family,” she added. “They’re … the only thing that they trust, the only thing that they love. It’s not just about O and two boys. They’re as much in love with her as they are each other. I think that it’s that unit and it’s that bond and this unconventional love. They’re really a family in the most twisted way.”

Savages, which opened in theaters on July 6th, earned an estimated $16.2 million so far at the box office.

Blake Lively Says 'Savages' Had Awkward Sex Scenes

Blake Lively Says ‘Savages’ Had Awkward Sex Scenes