Scarlett Johansson Bringing Sexy Back To Visors in a Bikini?

Photos of actress Scarlett Johansson in a bikini flooded the internet yesterday showing off the amazing body of the “Sexiest Woman Alive“.

However, the main attraction to the photos was Johanssons choice of sun bathing hats: the visor.

The visor has undoubtedly went through fashion stages throughout the years, but daring to pull off the considerably non-trendy hats nowadays is next to impossible.

Johansson surprisingly brought life back to the visor when she appeared in the stunning photos.

The beige visor pulled a natural summer look to the star as it complimented her blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight.

The Huffington Post remembers the visor in all its various forms:

The visor, of course, has had many a moment in the fashion cycle. There were the hard, plastic visors we were given at birthday parties to decorate with rhinestones and foam shapes; then there were the bro-tastic visors, worn upside-down and/or backwards by frat boys; there were sponsored, logo-ed visors worn by our grandparents and Sarah Palin; and these days, there exist uniquely fluffy visors that come with hair attached. (Warning: don’t try these… anywhere.)

These photos of Johansson surely bring sexy back to visors!

Scarlett Johansson Rocks A Bikini And A Visor?

Scarlett Johansson Rocks A Bikini And A Visor?