Negligence Investigation into Three Year Old Shooting Father

Thirty-three year old Michael A. Bayless died from a gun shot wound after a .45 caliber hand gun discharged accidently, reports RTV6.

Bayless was at home with his family when his three year old son found the loaded weapon.

Bayless had taken the gun to a home he was remodeling; it is not clear where the gun was when the child found it.

“The child accidentally discharged the loaded handgun … Michael A. Payless was pronounced dead at the scene,” an Indiana state police statement said.

The state of Indiana, were the incident occurred, does not have any statues specific to the safety or storage of guns.

There are no requirements specific to the storing of firearms so the common rules of negligence will apply.

A neighbor, Doug Kirkohoff is calling the accident a tragedy.

“They’re a great family. I mean, they all loved each other,” said James Cleveland, a Martinsville neighbor of the Bayless family. “It’s a bad tragedy. He was carrying the gun for his personal safety.”

“I think it’s crazy,” said neighbor Doug Kirkohoff. “I think it’s irresponsible, for one. We have firearms, but (our son) doesn’t even know where they’re at, and they’re definitely not loaded. We have gun locks. It’s definitely a tragedy.”

The investigation is ongoing in an attempt to determine if any adults should be charged.

Boy 3 Shoots Dad With .45 Caliber Handgun

Boy 3 Shoots Dad With .45 Caliber Handgun