Celebrities may be ultra successful within their own right, but that doesn’t mean they have the desire or motivation to make a business successful.

Case in point is Britney Spears. Arguably one of the world’s most famous pop stars, Britney attempted to open a restaurant called “Nyla” after her too favorite places, “New York” and “Louisiana.” While Britney has made a lot of money from her music, endorsements and line of perfumes, her restaurant lasted only six months.

In September of 2002, the city cited the restaurant for several minor health-code violations. And according to court documents published on TheSmokingGun.com, three companies say they are owed more than $25,000 for goods sold to Nyla, including dairy products, lobster and dinnerware.

It was closed and filed for bankruptcy.

Britney claimed problems with mismanagement issues and says she was never involved in day-to-day operations. Of course, to make a restaurant successful in New York, it takes more than a famous name, it takes dedication and experience.

Britney Spears NYLA Restaurant Lasted Just Six Months

Britney Spears NYLA Restaurant Lasted Just Six Months