Is Anne Hathaway Sporting a Baby Bump

A shockingly short hairstyle created for her latest movie isn’t the only change in actress Anne Hathaway’s life.

Hathaway is rumored to be expecting her first child with fiance Adam Shulman. Sources claim to have seen the couple celebrating some major good news at a restaurant dinner attended by both Shulman and Hathaway’s parents.

Everyone at the table was celebrating with a cocktail, except Hathaway, a sign that she could be avoiding consuming liquor because of the pregnancy.

“Not only did both Anne and Adam have their parents at dinner with them, which is unusual, but the amount of enthusiasm and excitement made it clear that they were celebrating some major news, and while everyone else sipped on wine at dinner, Anne didn’t drink any alcohol, which is an indication that she could be pregnant,” a source told the New York Daily News.

The source continued: “It looked like there was a bump on her belly.”

A publicist for Hathaway denied that the actress is expecting, but this wouldn’t be the first time that a baby preceded the nuptuals for a celebrity couple.

Is Anne Hathaway Pregnant With Her first Child?

Is Anne Hathaway Pregnant With Her first Child?