Natalie Portman Vegan Shoe Business Goes Toes Up

Actress Natalie Portman may have succeeded in show business, but when it comes to the shoe business, she is lacking the Midas touch.

Portman thought she could translate her passion for all things cruelty free into a business featuring vegan shoes that used no animal products, including leather.

She even collaborated with designer Te Cesan in 2008 to create a line of cruelty free dress shoes, but customers weren’t eager to shell out $200 and more for Portman’s shoes, and the business was shuttered within the first year.

Most reviews of the shoes were the same. They looked “ok,” but not worth the price tag. said:

Thing is, we were a little blown away by the price — $275 for a pair of pumps? — especially considering there are other vegan shoes on the market.

Portman’s failure to become a success in the fashion business just proves that fans who might buy movie tickets won’t spend for other items associated with the celebrity’s fame.