Howard Stern’s Pet Bulldog Biance Dies – Family Mourns

As the saying goes, “dog is man’s best friend” and so it was with the bulldog known as Bianca.

She was Howard Stern’s faithful companion for ten years and was beloved by his wife Beth Ostrosky and his entire family.

It has not been disclosed what the pet suffered from but the family was aware that her time was drawing near. Howard Stern tweeted fans the following message:

“We lost our precious Bianca today. my sweet little girl, may you rest in peace. i love you forever.”

Bianca was purchased as a puppy.

In an interview from 2005, where Bianca was named “most eligible pet,” Beth Ostrosky talked about her four legged friend.

When asked what she loved about the pup, Ostrosky said:

“Bianca is quiet – she never barks. She’s tolerant, patient, kind. She just hangs out and is the most joyous piece of love to fill the room. I think Howard is beautiful, funny, smart, charming, loving, sincere, honest and perfect. How is that for a soul mate? And I can say all of those qualities for Bianca. So I have true puppy love with my man and my puppy!”

Bulldogs typically have short life spans of as little as eight years and usually no more than twelve years.

Howard Stern's Bulldog Bianca Dies: Shock Jock Mourns Loss Of Friend

Howard Stern’s Bulldog Bianca Dies: Shock Jock Mourns Loss Of Friend