John Cenas Divorce War Comes To An End

WWE Superstar John Cena’s divorce war has come to an end. According to reports Cena and wife Elizabeth Huberdeau have decides to “bury the hatchet.”

Cena filed to end their three year marriage back in May to his high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau. Huberdeau was apparently caught by surprise and quickly turned the situation ugly and even challenged the couple’s prenup.

There were allegations that Cena had been unfaithful during the marriage with a WWE employee.

In a statement to The Miami Herald back in May, Huberdeau’s divorce attorney Raymond Rafool spoke on the divorce, “Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives and in his career together, Liz will and really has no choice but to pursue all of her rights and entitlements.”

Everyone seemed to be waiting for things to escalate into a full blown war considering just how much Cena is worth, which is a reportedly $18 million.

When the pro wreslter announced the split in the spring, a source close to the couple said that the divorce would “dwarf the Hogan divorce in nastiness.”

With Cena poised to become WWE Champion in a week’s time, having his much publicized divorce out of the way is welcome news.

The details of the settlement are private.

John Cenas Divorce War Ends Peacefully

John Cenas Divorce War Ends Peacefully