Large Amount Of Drugs Found At Sage Stallone's Apartment: New Theory Offered

Large Amount Of Drugs Found At Sage Stallone’s Apartment: New Theory Offered

Prescription Drugs Found in Stallone’s Studio City Apartment

Sage Stallone, the actor/producer/director son of Sylvester Stallone was laid to rest in a private funeral today.

Although Stallone’s initial autopsy turned-up inconclusive, prescription painkillers are thought to have been a key factor in his tragic death.

Authorities have revealed that at least sixty empty bottles of pharmaceuticals have been recovered from Sage’s Studio City apartment.

The large bottles are thought to have been shipped from outside the US.

Stallone’s mother, Sasha Czack, confirmed that her son had five teeth pulled just days before his death, perhaps leading him to overdose on painkillers such as Vicodin.

“I told him not to do that,” Czack told the New York Post. “I’ve heard about people dying having multiple procedures done to your mouth. Do not have more than one tooth [pulled].”

It could take up to six weeks for final autopsy and toxicology reports to be revealed.

However, TMZ reports that due to the massive amount of drugs found in the apartment, another possible scenario is that Sage was not a drug user, but rather a drug dealer.

Law enforcement sources tell the site, it is unlikely Stallone was a drug user since he was 5’7″ and 188 pounds at the time of death.

“He was pudgy, and drug addicts are almost always rail thin,” the source told TMZ.

Sylvester Stallone has hired a private investigator to examine the circumstances surrounding the death of his son.