Jennifer Jason Leigh Joins "Revenge"

Jennifer Jason Leigh Joins “Revenge”

Jennifer Jason Leigh to Play Mom on Revenge

Revenge TV series has a new mom. Jennifer Jason Leigh will play Emily’s mother in the new season, reports Access Hollywood.

Revenge is just that, a show about a young woman who is wishing to exact revenge on whoever betrayed her family.

This season the series brings Emily’s mother back into her life. Directors wanted an actress that can play a strong woman with some psychological issues.

“What you’re going to discover about the woman who was Emily’s mother is the circumstances under which they were separated, and you’re going to find that there’s some deep psychological issues with her, which I think is going to be fun for us to explore,” show creator Mike Kelley previously told PEOPLE.

Jennifer was the perfect fit.

This season will show viewers a lot about the circumstances behind their separation and the psychological issues Emily’s mother has.

The new season begins this fal1 on ABC.

Leigh’s currently appearing on the final season of “Weeds.”