Mariah Carey Joins American Idol As New Judge

Mariah Carey Joins American Idol As New Judge

Mariah Carey Joins American Idol

Many have speculated that American Idol has reached the end of its reign as a reality TV sensation, but Mariah Carey disagrees.

The award winning, chart topping singer will join the 12th season of Idol as a judge.

Her star power may help to fill the void left by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

“I am so excited to be joining `Idol,'” said Carey, addressing the Television Critics Association.

“this kind of all just happened really quickly,” Carey said in her brief remarks. “I can’t wait to get started in the fall. …. and I will see you in January.”

Carey has a long, prosperous career that is full of singing, song writing and acting, and she is currently working on her next album.

Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly said the show needs to keep things “fresh” as it’s not the only show in town in anymore.

“Not being the only game in town now, we need to keep things fresh,” Reilly said.

Idol host Ryan Seacrest was among the first celebrities to tweet a shout-out: “Welcome to the fam @MariahCarey!! When u and @nickcannon need a date night, I’m happy to strap on the double baby bjorn.”

Now producers will focus on finding a 3rd judge

“We have the biggest names in the business, like Mariah Carey, interested in doing this … so for the next couple of weeks it will be a matter of picking the right one, with the right chemistry, making the deal, and finalizing this,” he said

Do you think Carey is a good pick?  Who else would you like to see in the judges chair?