Apparently, the risks of a marriage proposal don’t get reduced by the presence of a TV camera as was learned least year at a UCLA basketball game.

A fan took to the “Mistletoe Camera” to do more than kiss his girlfriend. The handsome young man went down to one knee and pulled out a small case containing an engagement ring. As he proposed to his bride to be, she literally took one look at the ring, uttered words which caused his countenance to fall, and she abruptly fled.

As it turns out, the only thing more embarrassing than being proposed to in public is being turned down in front of 10,000 sports fans.

LA Times sports reporter Baxter Holmes tweeted, “Some people are asking me if that runaway proposal was staged. I just asked. A UCLA spokesman said it wasn’t.” Christy Gill replied, “Sitting behind them. Quite awkward!”

The rejected man and a not quite runaway bride now have one of the top trending videos on YouTube.

Check the uncomfortably awesome video below.