Snookie Booed At Mets Game

Snookie Booed At Mets Game

Fans Boo Snooki At Mets Game

“Jersey Shore” star Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) didn’t get a warm reception from the crowd when she attended a Mets game this week with fiance Johnni LaValle. Both were appearing at CitiField to tape a program for Major League Baseball.

But when a camera projected Snooki’s face on the video bame board during the seventh inning, fans started to boo loudly.

“lol I love it,” she told one fan that noted how “a whole stadium just booed @snooki.”

Another tweet on Snook’s radar: “We need better and decent celebrity fans! Had a great time booing@snookii at the game tonight.”

Her response: “Glad I made your night.”

Snooki says she has been a Mets fan since 2000, but neither the players or the manager was willing to make any comment about her appearance at the ballpark.

“Snooki appears on CitiField scoreboard for ‘Let’s Go Mets’ message. Booing is so loud it drowns her out #SituationThis (sic),” Keith Olbermann tweeted from the game.

“My grandpa raised me a mets fan,” she tweeted the same day. “Forever.”
“My son’s first Mets game,” she also tweeted, offering a picture of her blue-and-orange clad stomach.

Perhaps fans were booing the Mets losing streak, with only one win out of the past 11 games.