Oprah Winfrey Goes Natural For September’s O Magazine

Former talk show giant Oprah Winfrey shows off her natural hair on the September version of “O” Magazine.

Oprah takes women inside her make-up room to show them what she has to endure to get ready for any show. The massive amounts of wigs and the tedious process of having her hair straightened is a bit overwhelming at times.

On the weekends, Oprah prefers not to straighten and fuss over her hair. She often lets it go all natural and she says that is makes her feel unencumbered.

The whole reason that Oprah decided to do this is to show women that they do not have to do anything major to be beautiful. She has had every hairstyle through the years from bobs to weaves, but has took much critique for not embracing her natural curly hair.

In an effort to give the people what they want, Oprah is showing her natural look to the world. Her curly mane is beautiful and shows women that they can be beautiful with the hair they were created with.