Pippa Middleton Is Ugly According To Karl Lagerfeld

Pippa Middleton Is Ugly According To Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Reportedly Disses Pippa’s Face

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has made his feelings about the aesthetic qualities of Pippa Middleton’s face quite clear.

As it turns out, he is not at all a fan of those qualities.

Lagerfeld commented that “She should only show her back” immediately after giving great praise to her older sister, Kate Middleton’s silhouette. He stated that he likes Kate because she portrays a trait he calls “romantic beauties”.

Though he has made clear that Pippa’s face is less than attractive, he seems to feel differently about her body. His comments are much more kind when referencing her behind.

“It’s not enough for sibling rivalry that Kate married an actual prince, now Pippa, has to be slammed by the head of a fashion empire for having the wrong face?” wrote BBC America’s Fraser McAlpine. “Christmas dinner at the Middleton house is going to be awkward this year.”

So, sorry Pippa, Karl won’t be calling you in for any head shots, but hey maybe he has some work available in lingerie modeling.