Susan Boyle Musical to Debut in September

The Susan Boyle musical to debut in September will bring to life the story of how a humble woman from a very small town in Scotland can rise to amazing fame with her extraordinary singing on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Her “I Dreamed a Dream” album sold 8.3 million copies within six weeks of its release in November 2009 and became the world’s biggest selling album.

This musical will be presented at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh from September 21 through September 29 and at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow from October 2 through October 13.

Elaine C. Smith will play Susan in the musical, and featured will be numerous songs from Susan’s albums.

Susan wants to see if this tour, with her only singing her one biggest song at the end of the show, may lead to an international tour. Will she be able to take the grind of seven or eight shows a week even with that small amount of participation?