Duchovny And Anderson Dating Rumors Not True Says Rep

Duchovny And Anderson Dating Rumors Not True Says Rep

Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Dating: ‘X-Files’ Co-Stars Rumored To Be Dating

Former “The X-Files” stars David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson have been out of the news for quite some time, but that all changed Thursday.

News first broke that Anderson and her longtime boyfriend Mark Griffiths had broken up after six years together.

That news quickly moved to the back burner when the rumor that Anderson and Duchovney had been involved for quite some time, and that Anderson was even moving with her two children to be closer to him.

Anderson has also spoken in the past about her bisexuality, and some online gossip sites are wondering if her sudden outspokenness about it is a cover for her new relationship.

However, Duchovney’s spokesperson has since spoken out for the first time about the rumors, and says they are not true.

The actor and actress reportedly are good friends after spending so much time together working on “The X-Files,” but that there are no romantic interludes happening.