Kristen Stewart Pool Shoot: Star Is All Smiles

Kristen Stewart Pool Shoot: Star Is All Smiles

Kristen Stewart – Happier Pool-Side Photos

Taken during the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2012 for a Marie Claire photo shoot, Kristen Stewart’s pool shoot features a smiling, guilt-less beauty in cut-off shorts and an 80’s band t-shirt.

Posing with her “On the Road” film co-stars, Stewart is seen thigh deep in the pool waters outside of a France’s Five Star Hotel.

Her jacket is flung casually over her shoulder and it’s obvious this was the happier version of Kristen Stewart; the one who grinned for the cameras before news of her Rupert Sanders fling broke media headlines.

Since the rumor mill started churning, Stewart has hidden away out of shame and guilt, with these pool-side photos giving a glimpse into a time before her career and personal mistake.

Sources say Stewart is nervous about an upcoming interview when Pattinson goes on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” early next week

“Kristin is very, very nervous about Robert’s interview with Jon Stewart on Monday,” a source close to Stewart told “She’s confident that Robert, who has always been such a private person about his personal life, will keep quiet over the cheating scandal.”