Miss World 2012 Winner: Miss China Crowned The Winner

Miss World 2012 Winner: Miss China Crowned The Winner: PHOTO courtesy of MIss World

The 2012 Miss World competition has come and gone leaving one woman with the title “Miss World”.

China’s Yu Wenxia has won the 2012 Miss World competition out of the 116 competitors representing the world’s nations. Sophie Elizabeth Moulds of Wales was the 1st runner-up with Jessica Michelle Kahawaty of Australia taking the 2nd runner-up position.

The 23-year-old Yu is a music student. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, travelling, singing, dancing and playing the piano. She describes herself as someone who follows her dreams with a smile, and says her favourite food is dumplings.

As the Miss World competition started all 116 entrants showcased the host country of China by honoring the timeless Chinese cities Shanghai and Changsu.

The Chinese winner wowed the judges during the talent round by finishing first to help boost her overall score for the win. Miss Wales won the Beach Fashion award helping to assure her the 1st runner-up position.