The Office To End 9 Season Run

The critically acclaimed television show, “The Office,” is set to end it’s run after this season. It was announced that after 9 seasons on NBC, it will go off air. This was confirmed on August 21st by executive producer Greg Daniels.

Many fans and critics alike, have seen this coming for quite sometime. Since the departure of Steve Carell after season 7, the show has lost viewership. Some episodes although, have been praised in subsequent seasons. Actor Ed Helms was billed to take over Carell’s position, however, he has received mixed reviews.

The impact of “The Office” ending has been amplified as well. “30 Rock” will also be leaving the airwaves following this season. These leaves behind “Parks and Recreation” as a suitable replacement. It has received positive reviews but doesn’t draw the biggest audience. “The Office” has been one of the highest rated shows for most of it’s run.