Latest NBC Realty Show Nick Lachey’s “Stars Earn Stripes”

NBC didn’t bargain for the barrage of criticism that is hitting their latest entry into the reality television scene, Nick Lachey’s “Stars Earn Stripes”.

TV critics and military veterans alike are charging that the show glorifies war and violence and makes a game of what real military personnel go through in their duties that can often result in bodily harm and death.

Lachey became associated with the new show because he considered it a “once in a lifetime experience” but even that comment has been critized by the head of the Log Cabin Republicans, R. Clarke Cooper, who claims that “Stars Earn Stripes” insults anyone who has earned the right to wear a military uniform. One thing is clear about the participants on the show.

“Nick said the show was ‘a once in a lifetime experience.’ Well, I know a terrific Army recruiter who can guarantee Nick a true ‘once in a lifetime’ experience,” Clarke told The Post.

Clarke served in Iraq in 2004 and is furious about the new NBC show.

“As a combat veteran, I find that show is an insult to those who actually wear the uniform,” Clarke wrote. “Every vet I know thinks the show is either a joke at best or offensive at worst. The show is DOA with the military, regardless of political affiliations. The producers are clearly tone deaf.”

On Monday, nine Nobel Peace Prize winners, including Bishop Desmond Tutu sent a letter to NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt, producer Mark Burnett and host retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark, among others, calling for NBC to cancel the program.

“It is our belief that this program pays homage to no one anywhere and continues and expands on an inglorious tradition of glorifying war and armed violence. Real war is down in the dirt deadly. People—military and civilians—die in ways that are anything but entertaining.

In a statement, NBC responded, saying, “‘Stars Earn Stripes’ is about thanking the young Americans who are in harm’s way every day. This show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of service.”

Do you find Nick Lachey’s Stars Earn Stripes to be offensive?

Nick Lachey Get Reality Show "Stars And Stripes"

Nick Lachey Get Reality Show “Stars And Stripes”