Dev Sex Tape Being Shopped: Reports

Dev Sex Tape Being Shopped: Reports By Vervegirl Canada (Flickr: MMVA_DEV) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dev Has A Sex Tape

Rumors abound about a supposed recording showing the beautiful singer Dev in various compromising positions with a previous boyfriend, reports PerezHilton.Com.

It is unclear at this time as to whether the release of this tape is authorized by Dev herself or this is an example of a partner secretly recording a sexual encounter and then later attempting to make a fast buck on an illicit recording of a celebrity.

Insiders who claim to have seen the tape says it was recorded using night mode just like another infamous sex tape that will remain nameless.

Insiders go further by saying the only way you can identify the singer Dev is because of visible tattoos seen on the video. Anyone who manages to win and keep the rights to this video stands gain the attention of multitudes of fans who have always wondered what Dev does in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Both TMZ, and Perez Hilton have removed the article from their respective websites which suggests they were handed take-down notices, reports Inquisitr.