Nikki Reed Bikini Shots Dazzle

Nikki Reed Bikini Shots Dazzle By Gage Skidmore Uploaded by MyCanon (Nikki Reed) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nikki Reed Dazzles In Bikini

Nikki Reed was positively dazzling in her green bikini she was spotted wearing in Hawaii, reports the Daily Mail.

She was there with her husband, Paul McDonald. McDonald has been a past American Idol Contestant.

Miss Reed was seen splashing in waves and just enjoying a day at the beach with her husband and some other friends.

The sight of her bikini clad body was not wasted on her husband, who was seen giving her a look of appreciation.

The couple was also seen enjoying a lovely lip locking kiss. Who could blame them? In the tropical paradise of Hawaii and that adorable green bikini, the setting was just right.

Reed, 24, recently admitted she worries her career has peaked after Rosalie in the Twilight franchise, and she’s aware of the sadness which will surround the upcoming premiere.

“Not to sound nostalgic, when you’ve been a part of something for so long, it’s not that you can’t appreciate it, but the kind of appreciation you have for it when it is coming to an end is even greater,” she told Just Jared.

“I don’t know if in my career this will ever happen again, I’m sure it won’t, this is kind of a once in a lifetime moment. I’m sad it’s over and I feel like at this premiere there is going to be a lot of that.”