Florida Shop Owner Gives Obama Bear Hug

Florida Shop Owner Gives Obama Bear Hug. Photo credit: Screen capture Washington Post Video

Candidates never know just what kind of reception they’ll receive from crowds when they are on the road campaigning.

But President Barack Obama certainly didn’t expect a bear hug from a Florida pizza shop owner that was so expansive it lifted him clearly off the ground, reports The Daily Beast.

46-year old Scott Van Duzen, owner of the Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida was so startled to see the man he voted for in 2008 come into his store that he immediately embraced Obama in a bear hug.

Obama joked at the size of Van Duzer’s arms, calling them “guns” and asked if he could expect to get the same muscles by eating Big Apple Pizza.

“Man, are you a powerlifter or what?” Obama said once he was put down. Apparently the 6-foot-3 restaurant owner, who was getting a visit because of his blood donation campaign, asked permission from the Secret Service first who said it was fine by them as long as he “didn’t take [Obama] away.”

Van Duzer isn’t apologizing for his spontaneous actions, admitting that he is registered to vote as a Republican, but is planning on giving the incumbent President his vote again this November.