Miley Cyrus has been suspected of criminal battery after police responded to an alleged incident that took place over the weekend at Beacher’s Madhouse, a Los Angeles nightclub, according to a report from the New York Post.

Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth reportedly accompanied the pop star to the club. A man seated behind the couple’s table accidentally bumped into Hemsworth’s chair. According to one report, the two exchanged words before the incident escalated into a brawl. Cyrus reportedly stepped between the two men, shoving the alleged victim and hitting him.

Police were called to the scene and filed a report, but claim to have seen no injuries on anyone reported to have been involved in the scuffle. Club owner Jeff Beacher sided with the celebrity couple, telling police that the victim had fabricated the incident in order to harass the pair.

Miley Cyrus Involved In Alleged Fight At Posh L.A. Club

Miley Cyrus Involved In Alleged Fight At Posh L.A. Club. Image source twitter