Wohoo It's National Video Games Day!

Wohoo It’s National Video Games Day!

September 12th Is National Video Games Day!


Today, September 12th is a very special day. In addition to it being National Milkshake Day, it is also according to rabid video gamers, National Video Games day. In 1972, the retro gonzo tech geek Allen Alcorn gave the world “Pong” the first computer game manufactured by the Atari corporation. We have been putting quarters into slots ever since since. Today, billions of dollars are spent on game gear the world over, and today is the day for gamers everwhere to celebrate by doing what comes natural — playing video games of course.

According to DaysOfTheYear.com, Video games remain among the fastest growing of our domestic entertainment industries. Video games are responsible for sales of console and accessories along with other hardware and the games themselves. Video games are also one of the more dominant of the emerging new movie genres, which includes the popular ‘Resident Evil’ series of films based on a game. If you are a video gamer, today is your day to kick back and enjoy your Wii.