Lady Gaga Shaves Head: Are You Really Surprised?

Lady Gaga has shaved her head to support friend Terry Richardson, who is grieving his mother. Source: Twitter/

Lady Gaga Shaves Head?

Lady Gaga is known for her many different hair styles and eccentric dress. She shaved her head on Wednesday, September 13. Many people may question “Why did she shave her head?” She did it in honor of a photographer and his mother. Gaga did not shave her head entirely; she only shaved some of the back.

Terry Richardson, photographer, has collaborated with Gaga on several occasions. He release a book called “Gaga X Terry Richardson” in 2011, that included pictures of Gaga. Richardson and Gaga became friends after Richardson spent about a year with her, capturing pictures of aspects of her life. Richardson’s mother, Annie Lomax, died on Tuesday, September 11; Gaga shaved her head in honor of Lomax.

Gaga posted a statement on, along with a picture of her new hairdo, telling Terry that she did it for him and that she was sorry about his Mommy.

Richardson, who collaborated with Gaga on a recent, glossy, photo-driven book, posted his own tribute to his mother on his online blog, sharing a picture of her and writing, “R.I.P. Annie Lomax, my mom 1938-2012.”