Octomom Finds New House For Large Brood

Octomom Finds New House For Large Brood

New Home for the Octomom and Her Children

After being rejected by roughly three homeowners, Nadya Suleman AKA Octomom was able to secure a roof to put over herself and her fourteen children in Palmdale, California, according to reports.

She further secured the rental house by putting up eight month worth of rent and a large security deposit upfront.

The house consists of five bedroom, three bathrooms, three-car garage, and a huge backyard (14,000 feet) that holds a gated pool, which has a spa and a slide as well as a gazebo.

Octomom was able to do this from making money off of her only adult film that she starred by herself, which is the reason why she was previously denied by other homeowners because they did not want to expose the neighbors to any possible paparazzi or anything that may follows Nadya.

This was a lucky save because she faced foreclosure on her previous home and was facing homelessness with her children, according to Examiner.