Britney Spears learns to dance 'Gangnam Style'

Britney Spears learns to dance ‘Gangnam Style’

When the new judge of “X Factor,” Britney Spears, joined Simon Cowell on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she was treated to a surprise.

After catching the video gone viral of Psy and his Gangnam style dance, Britney had earlier tweeted her appreciation for the fun dance and jokingly asked who could teach her how to do it.

In true Ellen style, the host managed to bring in the Korean rapper and dance master, himself, to initiate the pop star into the latest dance craze.

Perhaps his words of wisdom, “Dress classy, and dance cheesy” gave Britney some needed impetus, because she picked up the moves effortlessly, even while wearing a pair of pretty impressive heels.

Ellen, of course, never one to waste away on the sidelines, joined in and made an uninhibited and pretty impressive showing herself. In an all around winning situation, Psy and “X Factor” got a publicity boost, Britney got to show some doubting critics that her dance potential is alive and well, and Ellen got to let loose and have a little moving and grooving fun.