Is Dina Lohan Drunk On Dr. Phil?

Is Dina Lohan Drunk On Dr. Phil?

Lohan Drunk or Edited

Dina Lohan’s preview for her upcoming show with Dr. Phil has a lot of people talking.

The mother of four trying to get her story out to the public and defending herself and her daughter against others’ ridicule may have showed more than she wanted to.

The two minute preview showing an incoherent and intoxicated guest is being questioned about its authenticity by Lohan. Lohan is saying the footage was edited and that she was not drunk and did not do the things she is being accused of.

The excerpt shows her interrupting the host, as well as flirting, laughing and crying while she squirms around in her chair.

“Watch the entire show,” Dina Lohan told E! News. “I could care less what [Michael] says! The truth about him will be out no worries.”

Not one to shy away from getting some media attention, Dina’s estranged husband Michael Lohan weighed in on the clip itself, asking Dr. Phil if she was drunk for the appearance. He also spoke out about it to the media.

“I haven’t seen the full interview yet, but from what I HAVE seen and Dina’s comments that it was ‘doctored’ (no pun intended), I really think it’s sad and I feel sorry for Dina!” Michael Lohan told E! News. “Over the last seven years she has come to such a bad place! It’s sad! And the denial continues! She just needs to be honest with HERSELF and others. Only then will her heart get right and our children will find peace!”

No one has seen the entire footage of the interview that will air on September 17th to know exactly what happened.