hayden panettiere reveals struggle with "dysmorphia"

hayden panettiere reveals struggle with “dysmorphia” (courtesy Women’s Health)

Hayden Panettiere’s Newfound View of Beauty

Self image is important for many, but weighed much heavier on those in the spotlight. Many times held up on a pedestal, actors and actresses are almost expected to be perfect. Hayden Panettiere was not an exception to this rule.

When she was just 16, and her carrier as an actress had skyrocketed through the hit TV series, Heroes, young Hayden was “mortified” to see herself on a magazine. The magazine had published a photo of her backside with the word cellulite.

In a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine, the actress admits that she has definitely had her fair share of body image issues. Hayden had this to say: “It gave me such body dysmorphia for so long. But I remember reminding myself that beauty is an opinion, not a fact. And it has always made me feel better.”

“People can tell when you’re happy with being you and when you’re not,” she said. “As I’ve gotten older and grown into my body, I’ve started realizing that the way you carry yourself and that light coming out of your eyes are the most attractive things about you.”

It’s this view that made her feel happy once again, and we should all take note of her worthy bravery. She could have taken many routes that lead nowhere fast, but instead, she chose to persevere.