Rihanna Gets Hefty Paycheck for Fashion Week Front Row Seat

New York’s annual Fashion Week always draws a gaggle of celebrities to oogle the beautiful and stunning outfits premiering on the runway but now it appears that not everyone attends purely out of personal interest.

The website Fashionista.com is reporting that singer Rihanna was paid a hefty $100,000 fee for making an appearance at the event, sitting front row center to catch a glimpse of some of the week’s hottest new fashion releases. Rihanna was the highest paid celebrity observer for Fashion Week festivities, with singer Beyonce coming in a close second with a haul of $80,000.

Other celebrities who charge appearance fees for events like Fashion Week include sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, who earn a cool $80,000 each, Julianne Moore at $60,000 and Maggie Gyllenhal and Chloe Sevigny commanding at least a $60,000 paycheck to grace an event with their presence.