A new baseball biography has been released by Eric Gagne a former Major League Baseball player who pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Gagne was a closer from 1999-2008 and his books claims that PED use was widespread on the Dodgers.

In the book Gagne claims that at least 80 percent of his LA teammates were taking performance enhancing drugs while he was on the team. The former closer did not name any of the players who were taking the PEDs.

He confessed in 2010 that he had taken PEDs for three years as his career was winding down. He admits that by taking the drugs he wrecked his reputation and damaged his health, but by then he had been retired.

Over his career Gagne saved 187 games and set a MLB record with 84 consecutive saves. The former Cy Young winner last pitched in 2008 for the Milwaukee Brewers.