Adele James Bond Song Leaked Early

Adele James Bond Song Leaked Early

Latest Bond Song by Adele Leaked Online

Sony Pictures says it is not aware of exactly who leaked the newest Jamed Bond film song written and performed by British singer Adele online.

The music-sharing site Soundcloud offered a 90 second segment of “Skyfall”, the signature song for the upcoming 007 film release of the same name.

The song was already posted online October 2 but was not scheduled to be officially released until Friday, October 5.

No sooner than Soundcloud removed the song than it began popping up on other music-sharing sites. Adele had admitted on her official Twitter page that she was involved in creating the latest Bond movie signature song.

Its official October 5th release date coincides with the golden anniversary of the release of the first James Bond movie, “Dr. No”, featuring Sean Connery in the first of several appearances as Agent 007. Adele is listed on the credits for the song with her legal name, A. Adkins.