QVC Host Faints Live On Air

QVC Host Faints Live On Air

Dan Wheeler wheels and deals his way into an embarrassing QVC epic fail

What would you expect if you were watching QVC and one of the co-hosts was to start holding her hand to her chest then collapse? What would you expect the other co-host to do? Maybe you would expect him to stop what he was doing to make sure she was okay? Maybe you would expect him to at least let the audience know what was happening.

Dan Wheeler did neither of these things when Cassie Slane collapsed on QVC recently, reports the New York Daily News.

In fact, he continued to give his sales pitch about The FunTab Pro, and Android tablet for children. Leaving the audience totally confused and in some cases appalled at his behavior.

The incident left viewers wondering what happened.

“Can you let us know how the presenter for the [FunTab] Pro Tablet is doing? The poor thing. very frightening to see,” a Facebook user wrote to QVC host Carolyn Gracie, who had joined the rest of the segment with Hughes.

According to, the cause of Slaine’s collapse was low blood sugar, and Slane said on her Facebook page on Monday that she was “feeling alot better today,” but didn’t sayanything about the cause of the incident. A QVC spokesman simply said that she had “a brief fainting spell.” F

ellow QVC hots Carolyn Gracie wrote to a concerned viewer on facebook- “Cassie is fine now, thank goodness!

“She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl. ”