Tanning Mom, Vrs Octomom In Celeb Boxing Match: Who's Your Pick?

Tanning Mom, Vrs Octomom In Celeb Boxing Match: Who’s Your Pick?

Octomom Receives Boxing Challenge from Tanning Mom

Is the sports world ready for the strangest boxing match of all? Patricia Krentcil, who gained notority in the press as the Tanning Mom who took her daughter with her to multiple tanning booth sessions, has challenged Nadya Sulemon of “Octomom” fame to a boxing match.

Celebrity Boxing CEO Damian Feldman says he thinks he could deliver a huge audience for the match, although he favors Suleman as the victor because she spends so much time exercising and keeping in shape.

“I would love to see this match,” Feldman said, “it would be amazing.”

He added that in his opinion the odds would have to be 2-to-1 Octomom.

“Personally I think Octomom would win,” he said. “She’s in great shape. She works out two, three hours a day. She’s a physical woman. But Tanning Mom would be interesting, she’d be a personality and would be competitive.”

Krentcil says she is confident that she would be the only one standing in the ring, but teases that she’s not certain she should risk the match because she might break one of her fingernails.

“I could beat her,” Tanning Mom told the Huffington Post, as she held up her fists like a boxer.

“But I’d probably break a nail,” she continued. “And these nails are moneymakers.” Although the confident Tanning Mom might be reluctant to break a nail, the people behind Celebrity Boxing will support the fight wholeheartedly if she decides to climb into the ring.

Suleman could certainly use the money a celebrity boxing match would generate since she just moved into a new home with her brood of 14 children. A suggestion has also been made that “Soccer Madam Mom” play referee for the match.

Who do you think would win? Do you care?