Karina Smirnoff falls

Karina Smirnoff falls

Karina Smirnoff Falls on Dancing With the Stars

Most people know Karina Smirnoff for participating in Dancing With The Stars, but they are not aware that she has won a U.S. National Champion five times and she is also a professional ballroom dancer.

Despite being a veteran and professional dancer, Smirnoff fell on Monday night, during the last episode of the dance series.

The painful fall happened when Smirnoff and her partner Apolo Anton were performing a hip hop routine. After about 30 seconds into the routine, Karina was accidentally tripped by the tail of Apolo’s coat, resulting in a painful fall. Karina landed on her knees and there is a possibility she also hit her head.

The fall disoriented Karina for some time, but she eventually recovered from the mishap and gave a superb performance. However, she broke down on stage, since she felt that she had messed up the entire performance.

The female judges consoled Karina by telling her that most professional dancers had experienced such an incident during the course of their careers. The judges praised Karina and Ralph for making a fantastic comeback by awarding them 24 points, enabling them to remain relatively safe during the Tuesday’s elimination show.