miss howard stern dui bust: Didn't know she hit a car

miss howard stern dui bust: Didn’t know she hit a car

Miss Howard Stern DUI Bust Follows Car Smash-Up

A DUI bust has propelled the reigning ‘Miss Howard Stern’ pageant winner into the headlines. Andrea Ownbey was reportedly intoxicated when she smashed another car with her vehicle.

Even worse, the 29 year old blonde failed to realize that she had just caused a major traffic accident which totaled a stranger’s Jeep.

According to TMZ, a breathalyzer test was conducted on-site, and the stumbling, fumbling Ownby registered a whopping .178 on the meter.

Needless to say that put her results well over the .08 which is the recognized legal limit in TN. According to the arresting officer Ms. Ownbey was completely oblivious to the fact that she had plowed her car into the rear-end of another vehicle.

Andrea did own up to drinking a couple of glasses of wine. However, those breathalyzer results do not back up her claim.

To make matters worse a search of her car yielded some marijuana, a pipe and an array of prescription drugs. Ownbey was transported to a regional ER for a medical examination before being taken to the nearest jail.