Yash Chopra Died A Film Icon

Yash Chopra Died A Film Icon (Courtesy Filmi Tadka)

Bollywood Producer Yash Chopra Dead at 80

Bollywood producer Yash Chopra had a string of entertainment hits over the past 50 years and was still heavily involved in entertainment projects up until his death October 21 at the age of 80. Doctors report that Chopra contracted deadly dengue fever and succumbed at a hospital in Mumbai, India after almost a week after he was admitted to Lilavati Hospital there.

Moviegoers celebrated Chopra as the “King of Romance” when it came to making motion pictures, with his major Hindi-language hits including “Chandni”,”Deewar” and “Dil to Pagal Hai.”

Chopra’s latest film release hits theatres next month, “Jab Tak Hai Jan”. Chopra’s two sons, Uday and Adityah, were involved with their father in the production company he started more than half a century ago and will likely continue his legacy of producing popular Bollywood romances for the silver screen.

For Yash Chopra, making movies began and remained a family-run business as he learned about the movie business from his older brother, B.R. Chopra, himself a well-respected filmaker in India. B.R.Chopra preceded his brother in death four years ago at the age of 90 in 2008.

There has been no word of any memorial service planned to honor Yash Chopra’s unexpected passing.