Ashley Greene Red Hair: Twilight Star Goes For A New Look

Ashley Greene Red Hair: Twilight Star Goes For A New Look (Courtesy Christopher Macsurak)

Ashley Greene dyes her hair red, is she a fan of The Guild?

Actress Ashley Greene, known for playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies, must have been bored with her dark blonde hair as she’s suddenly died it red. Not a subdued red either, but a burgundy red so bright you certainly won’t overlook her on the street.

Greene was so excited about her new hair color, she even tweeted about it from the hair salon chair as the dye was being applied. “It’s going to be crazy…..”, she wrote.

Red hair has actually been in vogue since The Guild’s Felicia Day became the darling of YouTube web videos a couple of years ago. A large number of women who love the show are now announcing all over forums on the Internet they will also be going red, just like Felicia.

As for Ashley Greene, she and her new red hair will be going to South Africa on a promotional trip for Twilight soon. About the trip, she says she’ll be taking advantage of one of the last first-class tickets the movie studio will buy her. Once she has to pay herself, she’ll be back to flying like the rest of us as she thinks first-class tickets are simply too expensive.