Bobbi Kristina Brown Presumed Pregnant

Rumors, photos and news stories have surfaced claiming that Bobbi Kristina Brown is currently impregnated by her boyfriend / adopted brother.

All eyes have been on Bobbi Kristina since the death of her mother earlier this year, Whitney Houston. As her mother had many highs and lows in the music industry, and the same goes for her father Bobbi Brown, speculations have been made as to whether or not Bobbi Kristina would follow in the same footsteps.

So far, she has stayed away from incriminating drug allegations, but perhaps she is pregnant. If she is with child, there may be concerns about the father, and whether or not Bobbi Kristina is capable enough to raise a child. Bobbi Kristina grew up surrounded by paparazzi. It is almost certain, if she has a child, that her child will also be surrounded by paparazzi as well.

RumorFix spoke to a friend who was with her Monday night and says the story is “not true.”

Bobbi Kristina has conveyed she wants to pursue singing and acting. It remains to be seen if she will still move forward with that dream.